Virginia is first and foremost a writer of fiction, though every so often a poem will commandeer her pen or a blog post her keyboard.

Virginia’s fiction, always firmly grounded in the American West, is inspired by the interplay of the political, cultural, and environmental forces that shape individual lives and moments in history.

Her current writing project, a literary novel set in historic Wyoming, explores whether one man – having been driven by economic frustration, inherent racism, and the desperation of grief to commit the unforgivable – might ever find redemption.

Virginia’s poetry almost always springs from some transcendent moment of motherhood, and while her blog posts might veer in that direction, they are likely to revolve around the more quotidian aspects of parenting.

Virginia’s short story, Red Rim Daley, won first prize for Graduate Fiction from The Center of the American West in 2005. Her story, Pink, can be read in the literary journal, Square One. 

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